Go Green with Carson Arthur

Mar 21, 2018, 13:03 PM
Carson Arthur’s extensive 15-year television career and his recognition as an international landscape designer has made him a go-to expert in outdoor renovation. Making his career through outdoor development, Carson is adamant about taking the time to invest in your property other than just indoors. He’ll be a featured guest speaker at the 2018 Edmonton Home + Garden Show at the Edmonton Expo Centre. We got to chat with him beforehand on how to elevate your garden -- and lifestyle-- in one simple step!

Carson Arthur

Carson, like most Canadians nowadays, is more conscientious of what he puts in his body. “In a consumer driven world, who can really blame the farmers for looking for ways to grow more, faster, and with less blemishes?” He reasons. “Unfortunately, this pursuit of better yielding crops has caused a lot of growers to make some questionable decisions when it comes to GMO’s and chemicals used in the growing process.”

Developing an edible garden has helped change Carson’s eating habits and has thus changed his lifestyle. Carson’s love for food and his experience in the backyard has led him to change the way he eats - growing most of this food right in his own yard. “Now I eat what I grow. This has really changed my diet to be more seasonal, eating what is available and at its best.”

Some people, unlike Carson, aren’t born with a great green thumb. It can be daunting trying to elevate your space outside - especially in a climate like Edmonton. Carson’s easy, best investment that he thinks every garden needs? A raised vegetable garden! “A raised vegetable garden is literally four walls. No top or bottom required. Line the bottom with heavy cardboard (free from packing tape) and fill it with soil. This is so simple but can provide your family with food for years to come.”

To start off your new journey to ultra-local food, Carson has five plant suggestions to add to your own personal garden. “Spinach! Grows so fast it’s almost a challenge to keep up with. Next would be kale… although I’m not a culinary fan, kale grows for almost everyone. Radishes are the speed demons in the garden. They produce so fast and require very little in return. Lastly, tomatoes! There are more than 10,000 types of heirloom tomatoes.”

Well what are you waiting for? The spinach won’t plant itself! For more inspiration on all your garden needs, and to catch Carson on the Home + Garden stage, come down to the Edmonton Home + Garden Show March 22-25! Get your tickets now to save $3 courtesy of RenovationFind.com and start planning your visit. We can't wait to see you there!
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