I'm unable to find my tickets!
You may have your ticket confirmation email resent to you by visiting the following link: https://www.microspec.com/tix123/Resend.cfm

Are discount coupons available?
Yes, a discount is available when you purchase your tickets online from the site. Save on a regular admission by purchasing in advance online at this site. These discount tickets allow you to skip long ticket line-ups at the show.
How do I purchase tickets?
You can purchase your tickets online or at one of the box offices, set-up outside the show entrance.  Purchasing online is available now and add a discount to a regular admission for any day of the show.
Am I able to return another day if I want to purchase something I saw at the show?
Yes, we offer re-entry tickets if you would like to come back to the show. Visit the show office at the front of Hall E or one of the information desks throughout the show to obtain a re-entry wristband before you leave the show on your first visit.
How much does the parking cost at the facility?
Parking at the Edmonton EXPO Centre is $16.00 per entry.
Is food available at the venue?
Yes, the Edmonton EXPO Centre supplies food and refreshments for all events at the facility, there are also concession stands throughout the show and a variety of food truck offerings in the Halls..
Are there ATMs on site?
Yes, an ATM is located in the concourse between Hall B and Hall C and at the entrance to Hall A.
Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the facility is fully wheelchair accessible.
Are wheelchairs available to borrow?
Yes, we have a few wheelchairs available at the Show Office in room E2, on a first come first serve basis.  The first hour is free, and a $5 rental fee occurs for every hour or portion there of after.
Are strollers available to borrow?
No, we do not have any strollers available to borrow.
How can I find a particular exhibitor at the show?
Prior to the show this website will list all exhibitors and their booth numbers at the show.  The list is in alphabetical order; therefore, you will need to know the exhibitor's name.  If you have trouble locating an exhibitor at the show, please visit the show office in Hall E for assistance. 
What can I expect to see at the show?
The show has more than 500 exhibitors and experts offering great products and ideas for landscaping, decorating and renovating your home.  You can also expect to see internationally know designers, chefs and speakers sharing their trade secrets to inspire you.  Everything Home + Garden!

The key product and service categories are:
    gardening + landscaping
    decorating + design
    remodeling + renovating
    home accessories  

Please visit the celebrity and features areas of the website for more information.  The stage schedule lists what's on and when.
Is reserved seating available to see the celebrities at the show?
No, seating is available on first-come, first-serve basis.  All celebrity performances are included in the price of your admission ticket.
How long should I plan to stay at the show?
The show can take between 2 and 4 hours to see, depending on your itinerary, goals and objectives.  We recommend that you plan to spend a bit more time visiting with exhibitors, as they are quite varied and can serve as valuable resource for your home and garden improvement questions.

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