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Tanya-Ray Fishing Ltd.

Tanya-Ray Fishing Ltd.
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Company Description:

Tanya-Ray fishing is a commercial fishing business. The owner Danny Arundel is a 2nd generation commercial fisherman. Fishing is what we do for our living. Our licenses allow us to fish for Salmon Tuna and Shrimp. The furthest north we go is to the Alaska border and we fish the full BC coastline. Our product is valued added from the whole fish to fillets, loins, smoked and canned. It is processed in a federally inspected plant and meets all required regulations. We then sell our products at various farmers markets throughout the summer and at tradeshows spring and fall. We have been attending Farmers markets for 15+ years and attending tradeshows 10+yrs. We pride ourselves on having the very best product available.100% Canadian/BC produced.
There is no comparison to store bought product. Our fish is flash frozen -40. It is sashimi quality before any processing takes place. When you put the best product forward the result is a superior taste.
I will have at the Edmonton Home Show-Sockeye Fillets, Albacore Tuna Loins (Both Sashimi Quality), Canned Sockeye, smoked sockeye, Canned Tuna, smoked Tuna.

Customers comments are
“one bite and you are hooked”
“I’ve never tasted anything so good”
“if that’s what fish is supposed to taste like what have I been buying at the store”


Five Year Exhibitor

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