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Samantha Williams-Chapelsky Fine Art

Company Description:

Edmonton area based visual artist Samantha Williams-Chapelsky
My work primarily focuses on the depiction of the Canadian landscape. This landscape is in a constant state of change from weather to the effect of human presence. There are never ending conversations of patterns, lights, rivers, lakes, snow and sun. I aim to capture these conversations by creating a relationship between the sky and ground of a landscape. I create this relationship with highly textured, bold coloured acrylic paint with geometric carved edges and soft brushwork. The play between the colors and brush strokes nods to Impressionism of the 1900’s as well as California impressionists of the day where a landscape was painted as if to show movement. I pull from abstract expressionism which simplifies landscapes into basic compositional pieces - a balance of space defined by the horizon line. My work is a abstracted impressionistic perspective of the rural, natural landscapes of Canada.

Show Specials:

Samantha will be demonstrating her mountain landscape style and selling original artworks at the show.

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