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Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals
795 Pharmacy Ave
Toronto ON
Booth: 1242


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Welcome to Omega Alpha Canada. We provide "Effective Supplements Through Science". Our ultimate aim is to help improve health by providing safe, effective, all-natural remedies of the highest purity and quality. We specialize in products for people, pets and horses.

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Please check out our website for a full list of products and where your nearest retailer is located.

New Products

We have products that support maintaining a healthy body, detox programs, immune system support, bone and joint support, sleep and stress, and so much more.

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Omega Alpha has a full line of bone and joint support products. From daily support and prevention, to helping combat pain and inflammation, to helping cope with arthritis and other mobility issues. There is a products for you!
Omega Alpha offers an extensive line of immune support products. Weather you are looking for a daily support product, added antioxidant support, or a little extra help to help fight off an illness- we have you covered!
Omega Alpha has a wide range of gentle but very effective detoxification products. These products are organ specific and offer a gentle cleanse with added antioxidant support to improve the health of each organ.
Omega Alpha has a wide range of natural GI support products. Ranging from daily support (fibre and probiotics) to more specific issue products like digestive enzymes and Irritable bowel and GI upset formulas.
Omega Alpha offers an extensive pet line of natural health supplements. Ranging from gastrointestinal health, bone and joint support, detox formulas, food fortifiers and more!


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