Step into the Tiny Home Village and explore incredible small (but mighty!) mobile homes designed and outfitted by some of Alberta's industry-leading builders. This year's participants include ZeroSquared Big Hearts Tiny HomesDROP StructuresMouse House,Tiny Houses, and Finished Right Contracting.
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At ZeroSquared, living tiny is all about downsizing without downgrading. We created ZeroSquared as a solution, allowing people live happier lives with less stress. The Aurora, our first tiny home, was created by a team of award winning designers with functionality and liveability at the core of the design. The home has a total of 374sqft while maintaining a manageable length of 26ft achieved through the use of our unique expanding slides, which add 100sqft of living space. We truly believe it’s possible to live tiny without sacrificing the simple luxuries of life we take for granted. With a full size fridge, bedroom on the ground floor, and separate living spaces, the Aurora won’t have you missing much.


Big Hearts Tiny Homes

Big Hearts Tiny Homes is an annual fundraiser fuelled by the passion of three local small businesses looking to raise awareness and connection within the resilient community of Calgary.Partnering with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. Big Hearts Tiny Homes will redesign, gut, and renovate a camper trailer to raise awareness, support and hope for those who are or will be affected by Leukemia & Lymphoma. Even though we aren’t invincible, a community that comes together is unstoppable!

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DROP Structures is an Alberta born design + build firm, focused on combining function and aesthetics, we build site specific and lifestyle driven structures. Home offices, studios, bunkhouses, his/her caves and mobile retail stores all designed in our studio, then brought to life in our controlled construction facility.

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Steve has been doing carpentry for over 34 years and feels a strong sense of accomplishment when he takes a stack of lumber and screws and turns it into something beautiful, useful and can stand the test of time! Everything Steve builds is scrutinized by that little voice inside his head, “Would Grandma be happy with this?” If not, I will do it better!  Steve prides himself in making your Tiny Home something to be enjoyed by all who walk through the entrance. Steve has been working hard to contribute to the Tiny House Movement and is very proud to continue to be part of this wonderful and exciting change to modern living. “Let me help make your Tiny Home dreams become a reality!"

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Mouse House Tiny Houses

Mouse House Tiny Houses was founded in 2015. It is a small division of our parent company Lee Karacsay Developments Ltd., which was founded in 2010. We are licensed general contractors who were originally building and renovating single-family homes and doing basement suites among other smaller projects for homeowners like kitchen and bathroom overhauls. After seeing how unaffordable housing was getting, and the popularity of tiny homes, we decided to exclusively, go tiny. The tiny house movement is growing in Canada and is staring to find its feet in Alberta.  We like the idea of affordable living and smaller environmental footprint. In the near future we are hoping the City of Edmonton comes on board and allows tiny homes to be that affordable housing whether it be in a tiny village or as a potential income suite in the backyard of an established city home. 

A little back story: We are huge softies when it comes to animals. We help out the stray cat population in our neighbourhood by giving them a safe place to sleep, warm up and eat.  We catch most of them and get them spayed, neutered and medical attention if they need it. We have also adopted two special needs cats from a local animal rescue. One of these little gems was “Mouse”, a name he came to us with.  He was about 3 months old when we got him. Unfortunately he had many things wrong with him and he passed only 16 days after having him become a member of our family.  We had followed his story from the day he and his siblings were featured online, and were lucky enough to have been chosen for his forever family before he was even put up for adoption. It was such a huge loss to us and his foster family, that we decided to honour him but creating Mouse Houses.  A part of the profits from the sale of every Mouse house will be going to an animal rescue group here in the city, beginning with the one who gave us little mouse. It’s our way of giving back to those who help so many animals that are in need. This is why our logo features a cat, and if you look closely, there is a little mouse in the tail. We look forward to working with clients on their own tiny house designs and hope the Mouse House brand can support local animal rescues long into the future.
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