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Carson Arthur is an international landscape designer with a focus on environmentally friendly design. Throughout his 15-year television career, Carson teaches homeowners how to raise the value of their homes through outdoor renovations. You may recognize him as the host of HGTV’s Green Force and Critical Listing.
Presentation Topics:
Urban Farming - Why the fascination with growing food is going to revitalize gardening and what you can do in your own home.

How to Protect Your Outdoor Investment In A Changing Marketplace
- Outdoor renovations can be expensive; how do we invest in our homes and not lose money while we live in them.

Presentation Times: Catch Carson on Saturday, March 25th at 4PM and 7PM and Sunday, March 26th at 1PM at the RCLcanada Garden Stage.

Claudia Bolli headshot Claudia Bolli
Owner, Wild Green Garden Consulting

Claudia Bolli, Owner, Wild Green Garden Consulting Claudia Bolli is a passionate food gardener, nature lover, teacher and permaculture consultant. She loves to help families grow their own nutrient-rich food and convert lawns to food and habitat for domestic and wild creatures. Claudia has designed numerous edible landscapes for our climate and she regularly offers gardening workshops. She also coordinates Little Green Thumbs, a school gardening program.

Presentation Topic: Ideas for an Edible Front Yard
Do you want to grow healthy food, get rid of grass and start conversations with the neighbours? Edible front yards are becoming the talk of the town and they have many benefits. Come learn some tips and ideas to create a front yard that enhances biodiversity, attracts pollinators and produces veggies, berries and fruit. 

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Adele Goodwin
Owner, Earthworm Landscaping 

Life is so much easier when you have a great plan for your garden! In just a few fabulous hours with Adele Goodwin,  experienced and award winning designer, you will be inspired and empowered to pull together an amazing landscape to enhance your home and lifestyle. For a surprisingly reasonable fee you can approach your outdoor projects with creativity and confidence.

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Presentation Topic: 5 Secrets of Great Landscape Designers
Look at your property with a fresh perspective! Adele brings her landscape design magic and decades of experience right to your home and in as little as 2 hours a drawing is prepared showing how everything will fit and what will grow for your unique situation. See the possibilities and learn how your garden can flow!

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janet melrose

Janet Melrose
Calgary's Cottage Gardener

Janet Melrose is ‘Calgary’s Cottage Gardener’, who specializes in Garden Education, Horticultural Therapy and advocating for a Sustainable Local Food System: successfully synthesising   Community-Based Horticultural Therapy program located in Community Gardens; working with gardeners of all stripes to develop their skills and experience of gardening for enjoyment, health and sustenance. Her motto is ‘Grow, Nurture, and Bloom’.

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Presentation Topics: Winter Sowing-Not an oxymoron in Alberta and; Garlic for Albertan's

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Rob Sproule
Co-Owner, Salisbury Greenhouse

Rob loves sharing his passion for gardening and inspires people to get their hands dirty! Co-Owner of Salisbury Greenhouse in Sherwood Park, Rob is passionate about empowering new gardeners. He's written 4 gardening books, including Edible Container Gardening for Canada  and hundreds of articles and has been a speaker on our Garden Stage for many years sharing knowledge and his love of gardening.

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Presentation Topic:Top Trends for 2017
Join Rob as he walks us through the up and coming gardening trends for 2017 that we should an be green with envy over. 

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Morgan Webb Headshot

Morgan Webb
Seed Check Tecnologies & Greenland Garden Centre

Though he spends his days as a seed analyst for Seed Check Technologies, Morgan moonlights at Greenland Garden Centre as a tree and shrub expert, and co-host of the 630 CHED Garden Show. Gardeners love his down to earth advice and humble approach.  

Presentation Topic: Granny Knows Best
After decades of growing the seeking out the ’latest’ plants and garden gadgets Morgan suddenly finds himself growing geraniums, snipping bouquets of sweet peas, and canning cucumbers like a homesteader. Why all of a sudden is he gardening like his granny? Because she knew best. Morgan will share traditional garden tips, some of his tried and true plants, heritage veggie varieties and even some heritage plants to help celebrate Canada’s 150th!

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Deb Sirman
Co-Owner, Greenland Garden Centre

Deborah Sirman is co-owner of Greenland Garden Centre in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Deborah has grown up in the horticulture industry, studied through the University of Guelph and is passionate about gardening. One of the main hosts of the 630 CHED Garden Show, Deborah always enjoys sharing her practical, time efficient approach to gardening.

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Presentation Topic: Growing Made Easy
Does gardening sound like ‘work’ to you? It’s not…when you make it easy! As someone who loves to garden but battles an incredibly busy schedule, Deborah Sirman loves ‘easy’.  She’ll share her tried and true plants and time saving tips that will simplify gardening at any level. Bonus! A sneak peek at new plants and products for 2017.

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Kevin Napora 
Landscape Designer, Salisbury Landscaping, Master Gardener, B.Sc. Agric.

Kevin Napora believes in the power of nature’s aesthetic to inspire. Having spent close to a quarter century studying, landscaping, and designing residential gardens, Kevin created and maintained gardens that motivate, relax, and refresh. Encouraging people, through thoughtful design and education, to experience the joys of the garden, is Kevin’s passion. 

Presentation Topic: 
Designing and Adapting your Garden as your Lifestyle Matures

Once the sandboxes and trampolines are gone, outdoor living becomes an exciting opportunity. When designing new garden renovations or infill projects, anticipating potential problems and solving them with new innovative landscape solutions is key to having fun in your future garden. Join Kevin Napora as we look at patio spaces, plants and gardening, and easier maintenance options. 

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heather de kok head shotHeather de Kok
Owner, Heather de kok floral design & Creator of the Maple Leaf Cup Floral Design Competition

Heather de Kok has been in the industry for over 20 years. Her family started Grower Direct so she was involved with flowers at an early age. Going on to own her own Grower Direct store as well as her own International Design house, Heather de Kok Floral Design Inc. Heather was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers in 2007, then into the Professional Floral Communicators International in 2008. In 2015, Heather was asked to design flowers for the White House for a State Gala hosted for the President of China. She was named top 10 under 40 in 2014 by Canadian Florist Magazine and has represented Canada in a floral design competition where she won first place for her Table Scape. Also in 2015, Heather was named one of the top 50 most influential Floral Designers in the world by Flowers Across Melbourne. In 2008, Heather worked on 2 Floats for the tournament of Roses Parade , both of which won trophy’s. She loves bringing new and innovative ideas to Florists as well as the public with Art in Bloom and the Maple Leaf Cup Floral Design competition being just a few of the events Heather has worked on. 
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Presentation Topic: Maple Leaf Cup Floral Competition
Floral competitors are coming from across Canada to go head to head in the second annual Maple Leaf Cup floral design competition. This years fashion theme is sure to amaze as competitors put their spin on flowers and fashion. An event not to be missed! 

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Julia Headshot

Julia's Alpine Garden

Julia’s has a passion for helping people create an outdoor space which creates harmony between nature and urban living. She believes that the proper design eliminates the need for a big budget and is essential to creating an award winning yard. The right design allows clients to be spared from unnecessary costs and mistakes that can arise during the construction phase, mistakes that cost both precious time and money. She uses her experience in designing city parks and gardens to bring professional architectural designs to residential properties or acreages.

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Presentation Topic: The priceless perks of landscape design

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