Aniko Kovacs

Aniko Kovacs
Owner, Gardlands Florist

Aniko has received her formal training as a horticulturist in Budapest, Hungary. After finishing her vocational and technical years, she completed her diploma and started to work for a number of well established companies in Hungary and Austria. In 1998, she and her husband made a big move to Vancouver, and a year later they opened their store, Garlands Florist.
Today, the business is still striving and is recognized for its unique and different design and merchandise. She has been featured in the local media on many occasions including articles and live interviews on TV and radio, as well as in publications and magazines. She completed her European Master Certification program with Tomas De Bruyne and Hitomi Gilliam AIFD, in 2012. She also tested for to become a member at the American Institute of Floral Designers in 2014, and earned her accreditation.  She travels to take part in industry events or presentations whenever she can.

Aniko continues her love and passion for flowers and the industry and her consistent approach shows in her design and work.

Audina Hardstaff

Audina Hardstaff
Owner, Flowers on the Fly by Audina

Audina was born and raised in the Lloydmister area, where she currently lives with her family. She married Kelsey Hardstaff in January of 1998, and they have two children together, Kagon and Brookelynn. Audina started working in the floral industry in February of 2001 and managed a local flower shop for 14 years before starting her own business, ‘Flowers on the Fly by Audina’. She continues to passionately run this business on her own, and is excited to share this same passion and inspire creativity with others.

Christel Ferguson

Christel Ferguson
Owner, and Floral Designer
Flowers on 50th in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Coming from a family of award winning artists, Christel has always wanted to find her medium. As soon as she stepped into a flower store in the spring of 1996 to assist with Mother's Day preparation she hasn't looked back. Over the last 19 years, Christel has worked her way from manger to owner of Flowers on 50th in Edmonton, Alberta.
Working closely with a variety of florist learning the trade, and using nature as her inspiration, Christel has developed her own style of design. As a self described "floral artist" Christel believes this ever evolving industry is what drives her to work hard and create beautiful, unique floral arrangements for her clients. On her travels around the world, she enjoys visiting local flower shops to see how their region influences their design.  Christel is always happy to get involved with floral demonstrations in her community.  Giving private classes to ladies groups at the shop.  She has provided flowers for Homes for the Holidays, and The Alberta Ballet Home and Garden Tours in Edmonton.

She's had the privilege to design for Lady Gaga, Anthony Hopkins and Pink while they were staying in Edmonton. 

Christine Danis

Christine Danis
Floral Designer

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christine Danis. I am a proud Wife and Mother and an immensly proud floral designer. I have essentially been around and involved in the floral industry since I was a little girl. My family owned a flowershop while I was growing up and it was an integral part of my daily life. I remember vividly begging my Mom to make an arrangement.... a bud vase.... a corsage.... anything!! My Mom, bless her heart, insisted I start ground level... washing and bleaching buckets, sweeping and mopping floors, and run near by deliveries on foot...I eventually had my flower badges and earned my diploma in "floral hard knocks" and she relented and let me design my first piece...I was around twelve years old when I delved in and my innate ability kicked in --- I knew I was destined for flowers to be my professional "calling". The story is still told to this day that my arrangement that was put in the cooler, sold before the work of the top 3 designers that were on display!  I was fortunate enough to be employed by the best in the business. The mentorship was priceless and that essentially sculpted and molded my talent to what it is today. I had the privelage to freelance for the movie sets in the Lower Mainland. I created and executed floral sets and designs for T.V. shows such as the "X-Files" and "The Commish" and did set design for BCTV and Breakfast Television. I was also blessed during that time as well to be the designer for the Princess Cruise Lines, the BC Lions Football Club and the prestigious Wedgewood Hotel.

I have managed, co-managed and been employed by some of the best and most talented designers in the business. I have attended several workshops,  courses and symposiums given by local colleges and flowershops that always catapulted me to new places and have given me further direction to master my craft.  I am thankful because of these opportunities and for meeting such influential people in the business, as it has directly contributed to molding me in to the designer I am today. It has ALWAYS been a dream of mine to own and operate a flowershop. Perhaps one day that will come to fruition, but until then, I will continue to create and execute my talents. My love of flowers is a language that doesn't need translation --- it is spoken from my heart and executed in my unique designs. Over the years, I have had to take employment that wasn't necessarily what I wanted to do, but it was what I HAD to do for my family. I worked for the Government in several capacities for several years for example, but thankfully, my internal GPS ALWAYS navigates me truthfully and brings me back home to flowers... ALWAYS. For  25 years---give or take ---- it has always had my heart. 

Erin Evans

Erin Evans
Floral Designer, Petals Plus

Erin Evans was born and raised in Victoria, B.C. and from a young age she has had a love of flowers and nature, turning that into a passion for floral design. Predominantly self-taught, Erin was given an opportunity to grow when she took a position at Petals Plus Florist 6 years ago. Through mentorship and working through her CFD, Erin continues to learn and expand her knowledge of floral design. Specializing in sympathy work, Erin has the pleasure of working with all 5 Sands funeral chapels on Vancouver Island. She also enjoys creating pieces for events and weddings, and has participated in Fleurs De Villes for the last two years. She incorporates West Coast style and European flair into her everyday pieces. This is Erin’s first competition.
Jennifer David

Jennifer David
Floral Designer, Flower's on 50th 

Jennifer started her floral career working with other florists during busy holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Mothers Day. From there, she worked as a wedding floral designer and brought the visions of brides to life. Wanting to expand her knowledge and portfolio she began working as a designer in a busy flower shop doing everyday arrangements, custom pieces, weddings and sympathy tributes. Jennifer has a strong attention to detail and a great eye for colour and texture. Through flowers Jennifer creates beautiful expressions of emotions for her clients. Many of her designs have become popular pieces that are the shops "must have" designs. She is currently a Floral Designer at Flowers on 50th in Edmonton, AB, where they turn flowers into works of art.
deniss Head shot- WEBSITE


Deniss Barahona has been in the floral industry since graduating from High school in 1995. I have completed floral designing courses and have attended several workshops; I have done numerous events around the city. I currently own a Grower's Direct for the last 8 years, looking forward to many more and very open to more opportunities within the floral industry, to grow and to be successful.

Iris Salmon Website


Iris Salmon started her journey with flowers long before she realized it was her life’s work. She took an after school position in a department store floral shop, where Iris was encouraged to pursue a career in floral design. Over the years, Iris has worked in some of Edmonton most prestigious floral shops. As a young designer she was given the opportunity to design flowers for the Queen of England during her visit to Edmonton, Canada For the Commonwealth Games in 1978. Iris became a certified floral designer in 2011 and was then inducted into one of the world’s most prestigious floral design groups, The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) in 2012.  In 2013 Iris tested and received her certification as a Certified Floral Evaluator and Judge (CFEJ) permitting her to judge floral competitions anywhere in the world. Currently, Iris is the Floral Educator and retail operations manager for one of the largest floral franchise groups in Canada, Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers. She is committed to strengthening the floral industry through education,, service and design excellence. Iris is driven and passionate about the floral industry, she enjoys teaching and inspiring designers to follow their dreams and do what they love.

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When I was 19 years old I already had my heart set on wanting to be a floral designer and after convincing Christa the local shop owner to hire me I have never looked back now 11 years later I’m still in love with this creative process. I owe Christa and another local florist Sonja for teaching me the basics and to push my designer limits and step outside my comfort zone. I have now been creating masterpieces at Ruby’s Fresh Decor for just over a year in my home town of Valleyview, Alberta. I couldn’t be happier to be where I am. I let the flowers speak to me as I’m creating. I'm working on my own style the last few years. Whimsical flower design is where my heart is but I will try any design as I welcome the challenges of something new. When I’m not designing floral arrangements I’m lifting heavy weights and spending time with my 2 boys.